Preventive healthcare based on your DNA

We offer sophisticated genetic testing and preventive health services to give you certainty and actionable insights about your health.

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Our mission

Making genetic insights accessible and actionable for everyone.

There are many different personal reasons to find out what’s in your genes. But in the end, it's all about what genetic insights enable: being able to take informed actions for your personal health.

That’s why we develop sophisticated, secure and accessible DNA-based preventive healthcare solutions that empower people around the world to take their personal health into their own hands.

Our approach

Genetic testing with a life-long commitment

At Arcensus we use Whole Genome Sequencing. This method creates a digital analysis of your entire genetic information (DNA), which we interpret using state-of-the-art technology. In this way, we identify genetic mutations that are proven to cause diseases and provide you with actionable results. This enables you to take preventive measures as early as possible.

With our subscription model, your results are updated every three months, based on current scientific knowledge. This way, your genetic data is constantly aligned with the latest medical research and stays up to date in a rapidly evolving field.

Our products

Whole Genome Sequencing to decode your entire genetic information.

We are proud to be one of the few companies globally that offers medical Whole Genome Sequencing directly to consumers. This cutting edge technology, in combination with our deep understanding and expertise of the interpretation of the resulting data is the basis to provide a precise genetic diagnosis, so you can find certainty and gain actionable insights about your health.


Genetic testing for your heart genes

Testing heart-related genes to identify potential risks for hereditary heart disease to establish a diagnosis at an early stage and timely treatment.

With myLifeHeart™, we sequence your entire genomic DNA and analyse more than 450 genes related to heart diseases. After every analysis, you will receive a detailed report with further information and action points. myLifeHeart™ also includes a subscription to quarterly updates of your results based on most recent scientific knowledge.

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Genetic testing for cancer relevant genes

Testing your cancer genes will help in detecting hereditary cancer diseases early in order to find certainty, identify risks, and start timely treatment.

With myLifeCancer™, we sequence your entire genomic DNA and analyse more than 1.300 genes related to cancer. After every analysis, you will receive a detailed report with further information and action points. myLifeCancer™ also includes a subscription to quarterly updates of your results based on most recent scientific knowledge.


Genetic testing for unclear symptoms

Based on your complex symptoms and potential family history, myLifeDNA™ analyses your complete genetic information. We provide answers and support a genetic diagnosis based on a global knowledge data bank and our experts. myLifeDNA™ gives you a 360° insight into your genetics.

myLifeDNA™ includes the analysis of all cardiac and cancer-related genes.

myLifeDNA™ SamplingKit

Sampling kit to collect your DNA

myLifeDNA™ is an easy-to-use sampling kit that allows you to collect your genetic material through a buccal swap at home and send it to our laboratory in Germany.

It is included in all our DNA analysis services and must only be performed once in your lifetime.

How it works

Four easy steps. No blood, no needles, everything from home.


Order your products

Choose from our products to fit your personal need and order it in our Shop. Free global shipping is included.


Provide a DNA sample

We send the sampling kit to your home. Follow the instructions for the sampling process and register on our portal to easily organise the pickup.


We analyse your DNA

We sequence your whole genome and analyse your genes for all variants that have medical relevance. What genes are getting interpreted is based on the product you selected.


Receive your results

You will receive a detailed report within four weeks with your results and recommendations for your relevant findings. The report is updated every three months based on most recent scientific knowledge.

Our promise

Codex of transparency and quality

Professionalism and transparency

We will never share your information or disclose the result of your analysis to a third-party without your full permission. We only use your data to improve the quality of your report.

Commitment to science

Upon receiving your consent, we can use your anonymised genetic data to accelerate research and alleviate the conditions of other individuals with high risk or already suffering from genetic diseases.

We prioritise excellence

At Arcensus, excellence is at the core of everything we do, from Whole Genome Sequencing to genetic interpretation, diagnosis and data security, we strive to set standards for others.


We interpret your DNA and provide a genetic diagnosis with actionable insights about your health. We also promise to keep you updated on new discoveries and treatments.

Here are our top 5 frequently asked questions

If you can't find your questions, please see our Help Center or contact us.

Who is Arcensus?


Arcensus GmbH was founded in December 2020 by genetics expert Dr Arndt Rolfs, Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry, and life science business expert Michael Schlenk. Our company, headquartered in Rostock and Berlin, Germany offers comprehensive and innovative genetic testing on a global scale. We firmly believe that good health is not a matter of luck, but a matter of conscious action. We empower people with preventive healthcare and digital technology to improve their personal health. We work hard to empower people around the world to take control of their personal health. By providing a trusted, safe and comprehensive service, we aim to enable everyone to achieve stronger personal health based on knowledge-based guidance.

Why do I need genetic testing?


Genes are passed on from parent to child; therefore, all family members have common genes in them. Changes in the genes that cause a disorder are also passed on to the child with a specific probability, so some diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer or certain clustering of infectious diseases run in the family. With the advancement of science and technology, DNA tests are being developed which give a much-improved understanding about your health, possible diseases and prevention. Genetic testing is gaining importance all over the world. Learning about such common genetic diseases helps in making safe choices to stay healthy. DNA tests can be done by any person to check their genetic risk for diseases, but also to make preventive decisions. With the oral sampling system, there is a very simple and painless test that can be done by anyone. Especially if there are indications that you yourself or a family member might have a genetic disease, you should get genetically tested.

How do I receive my results?


Once you have (i) ordered your sequencing product (e.g. myLifeHeart™ or myLifeCancer™), (ii) registered yourself, and (iii) given all required information you’ll receive a report via your personal account.

What services are available?


We will analyse your entire genome once and provide a medical report on your underlying genetic predispositions to all potential health conditions (myLifeHeart™, myLifeCancer™ and myLifeDNA™). Asides from that, we provide medical and genetic counseling and quarterly reports on the latest scientific knowledge. In near future we will extend our product line for further specific tests e.g., for pharmaco-genomics or infection susceptibility.

In what countries is Arcensus available?


Starting in carefully selected countries, like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and the United States, we are now systematically expanding our services to the rest of the world.

Our team

Leading genetic experts, medical professionals and data scientists

We are a team of experts and scientists from various fields, to provide the best product and services with the highest quality standards to enable genetic testing for everyone.

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