A letter from our CEO & Founder

About 30 years ago, I diagnosed my first patient with a complicated genetic disease using an innovative molecular test. Since then, modern medicine and the development of innovative therapies have revolutionised for the benefit of our patients. Back then, we all had a vision of how molecular knowledge could help detect diseases quickly and early and how we could use genetic knowledge to preventively offer the best medicine to our patients.

Today, we no longer speak of a vision but have all the tools in our hands: the simple and rapid analysis of the entire genetic information, so-called whole genome sequencing or genomics, the parallel investigation of all proteins (proteomics) and all metabolites (metabolomics). Today, we can use such tools for the benefit of all, to give everyone the best prevention and the fastest diagnosis of a genetic disease. The challenge is still the correct interpretation of the genetic data, as new and important scientific results emerge worldwide every day, every week, every month. Today at the latest, our partners, our clients, have a right to receive only the best genetic analysis and the most accurate diagnostics.

Genetics and the analysis of data, we call it bioinformatics, now go hand in hand. The digitalisation and individualisation of the entire process are central building blocks of modern medicine and innovative health prevention. The safety, precision, and transparency of all analytical processes and the regular updating of results are central goals of Arcensus. Arcensus Diagnostics is a fair, patient-centred, and globally acting, knowledge-based and medically thinking partner for its customers.

When I founded Arcensus, I was often asked why I was doing it. My answer was simple: Arcensus has the central mission to make the benefits of good, transparent, and always relevant genetic analysis available to as many people as possible worldwide. Also: Arcensus is a once-in-a-generation company and the opportunities and needs ahead are enormous.

Building the Arcensus platform required willingness to challenge orthodoxies and reinvent - sometimes even disrupt - itself; because the patient is always at the centre, the individual should always receive the maximum in health prevention.

We are at the beginning of a revolutionary development in medicine, comparable only to the introduction of X-ray examination 70 years ago - Now, we can see inside the body, even down to the individual cell.

We will optimize for our customers' happiness and loyalty, not for marginal excursions or financial growth. And we will not shy away from making the latest technology available to our partners - where we see a clear long-term benefit. At Arcensus, we want to close with a commitment to you: We will not be perfect, but we will listen to you; we will ensure that we treat our partners and our colleagues with respect, passion, humility and integrity.